Patek Philippe Grand Complications Fake Watches UK With Starry-Sky Blue Dials

Sky-blue colour is full of charm and easier to arouse many people’s feelings. Many watches use blue for dials, cases or straps. Some are bright and passionate, some are soft and profound. Patek Philippe have many watches with starry-sky blue dials and this one is the most luxurious. The blue dials consist of three pieces of sapphire-crystal round plates processed by metal plating.


Patek Philippe Grand Complications copy watches with 38 long trapezoidal diamonds have functions of displaying time, date and moon phase by changing the places of Sirius and Moon. There are 31 figures on the outer circle of the dials, which shows the date by hands. There is an oval circle showing the starry-sky views of Geneva at 12 o’clock.

patek-philippe-grand-complication-fake-blue-dialsPatek Philippe replica watches with navy blue straps are 44mm in width. Their exquisite technologies and precise functions make them be not only a watch, but also a mysterious universe.

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